A Grateful 7 Years in Louisville.

mandy3Seven years ago (almost to the day), I moved to Louisville with a little 10 year old dog named Mandy. She had been the family dog for a decade at that point, raised from an itty bitty puppy that could fit in your hands to the 15lb sassy little lady many of us came to love. I was there almost 18 years ago when we picked Mandy out. We had just moved to our new home in the suburbs, and she was the 5th member of our family. Mandy endured and survived my brother’s and my teenage years, and somehow kept loving us. When it came to me moving away 7 years ago, I asked if I could take her with me so I wouldn’t be so alone in a new city. My mother agreed and said Mandy couldn’t live with anyone else. Continue reading

Millennial Panel at Church!

Millennial Panel at HBC!

I attended a Millennial Panel at Highland Baptist Church tonight (my church home). I wanted to talk about a few things that I found interesting… and a little silly.. but are all true enough! I wasn’t on the panel, but my friends (in order of the photo above) Bryan, Megan, fiance Steven, and Laura were! It was being hosted by our Young Adult Minister Emily and church friend Alecia. Over the last few weeks they’ve been exploring the different generations. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend all of them, but I was able to go to the one for the Millennials (Priorities…!). Continue reading

Leaders vs. Bosses

Business man shows success abstract flow chart

Do you have an awesome leader? Or do you have a boss? I want you to ask yourself a few questions about yourself and your manager:

  1. Do you feel like you can talk to your boss about anything?
  2. Does your manager have a good idea of what your life looks like outside of work?
  3. Do you feel like you learn something every time you’re in the room with them?
  4. Do they make you feel like you can do anything?
  5. Are they able to challenge you to do better?
  6. Can they give you criticism without making you feel bad?

If you answered, “no” to many of these questions, I empathize with you… but you probably have more of a boss than a leader. If you answered yes to all of them, you are really, really fortunate in having a leader.

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They don’t have a strong work ethic, these reports say. They’re not motivated and don’t take the initiative. They’re undependable and not committed to their employers. They need constant affirmation and expect rapid advancement.

So the conversation on Millennials rages on! I wanted to plug a recent article sent to me by my friend Dave V. If you ever listen to Kai Ryssdal, he’s the host of a great program on NPR. Recently Mitchell Hartman wrote the recent article entitled: “Millennials at work: Young and callow, like their parents“.
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This week Steven and I are in Las Vegas. I’m attending the Microsoft SharePoint Conference this week and Steven tagged along for his 25th Birthday.

Being a total geek, you can see some of what I’m excited about over at my SharePoint blog. I think I’m most excited about hearing the keynote address which will be presented by Bill Clinton. It will be live streamed on Monday at 8:30am PST. Visit http://sharepointconference.com for more info.

The rest of my time will be relaxing and enjoying some of the nightlife in Vegas. Having been here two nights already, we’ve already been doing that. I’ll be sure to post a blog of our highlights. It should be a great week!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!?


Seriously, it’s already a day from Valentine’s Day. We’re over a month past my 29th birthday and I’m already that much closer to 30. Not that I’m complaining… much. I know time has started speeding up like a rock rolling down hill, but how do I slow it? I feel like I’m going to blink and tomorrow 5 years will have passed (which 5 years doesn’t scare me much, that would hopefully be around the time all my pesky student loans would be gone). Continue reading

New year and new milestones

Happy Birthday

In my last post I wrote about gratitude. 2013 was mostly a good year with a few hiccups (as expected). With every new year, my personal holidays continue because January brings a bit more than just a new year for me. Being a Capricorn, my birthday is tomorrow (born on the 6th), but not just that, it’s also my work anniversary (the big 5 year)! So I thought I would reflect on a few things as I enter the last year of my 20’s, and continue with my current company. Continue reading

An exercise in gratitude.

Last week was a monthly event I attend called Theology on Tap. It’s an event I’ve worked and been a part of organizing with Emily Hull McGee for several years. She and I collaborate on various topics over the years, but the rules are always the same. It’s a safe space to question, express, and participate in an open conversation over drinks and food outside of church.

Gratitude Exercise from Dec 2013 Theology on Tap

Gratitude Exercise from Dec 2013 Theology on Tap

Last night we discussed Gratitude. She had us do a thought exercise and reflect on this past year and put down something we’re grateful for each month. I don’t know if you can easily recall those moments in your life, but I struggled. It’s not something I used to have issues with, but I think the busy-ness of life really showed how hard it is. So I thought I would write a blog post about a few things I’m really grateful for this year.

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Finding my voice

HBC Young Adult Retreat, St. Meinrad Archabbey, 2013

HBC Young Adult Retreat, St. Meinrad Archabbey, 2013

It’s been a while since my last post, but that one was a big one for me. I just got back from my church’s most recent Young Adult Fall Retreat. It was a great time to get away, get vulnerable, and reflect on things for a bit. Our topic was “Threshold” as pictured in the shirts above (I’m in the red jeans front and center). Continue reading