The quiet Millennial takeover of America

Did you hear it happen? Where were you? Do you even know it happened? In the first quarter of 2015, the Millennial generation quietly took over the American workforce as the largest working group. Check out the Pew Research Center graphic from this article:

U.S. Labor Force by Generation, 1995-2015

This news is SO last year. We all knew that right? It was obvious and they’ve been saying it was going to happen for about 5 years. One of the big things to note is we’re not even done with Millennials entering the workforce. There is still a HUGE chunk of the 18-24 millennials in school. This number and percentage will continue to grow, ESPECIALLY as the Boomers take their time on retiring (if they ever do). Last month, the Pew Research Center announced another HUGE shift for Millennials… we are the largest generation now living in America! Check out this graphic from them:

We’re already known as the most educated generation (at least by academic standards). We are becoming increasingly politically active, we’re more socially progressive, and we are navigating tough financial situations our parents and grandparents never had to deal with. With all this change in full swing, it’ll sure be interesting to see where things go next as we continue to shape the future!

This week in geek…

So I don’t want this blog to JUST be career oriented and millennial only posts. I am working on a pretty nice post that shares a little about my faith journey and junk, but it’s not ready just yet. Hopefully next week! I do want to post about some stuff I have been geeking out about lately…

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