Life keeps going.

memes lifeMajor life update incoming.

I’ve had a rough time the last 2 years. With knee surgery behind me over a year ago I began another life challenge that’s taken some time to work through. In September, while on a motorcycle trip with my dad and brother, I was hit head on by a car who came into my lane. I survived, thankfully, with a few issues that are still causing me problems today. The absolute worst of my issues has been the consequences of a traumatic brain injury (aka a concussion). I’ve been seeing a neurologist for about 6 months who is monitoring my progress and ongoing challenges.

One of my ongoing challenges mostly deals with short term memory. I have a really hard time calling recent things to memory.memes life This has presented some major challenges with life and work, and I’ve been working to create healthy habits to help combat this, but it’s still difficult. I’ll definitely blog about some of these as we go forward, but wanted to write a quick blog to say, I’m alive! I haven’t forgotten about Millennial Geek, and I actively miss blogging.


I’m going to set a reminder to blog at least once a month and keep things updated. For my more professional postings and life updates, check out There I’ll be talking about work (as much as I can), and things I’m working through. Millennial Geek will continue to be a ‘Life as a Millennial’ blog where I hope to get back to posting thoughts as a Millennial.

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