Happy 1st Birthday Millennial Geek!

So a year ago I started this blog with Opportunity. When I created this blog, I wanted to cover things from my millennial perspective in both my career and life. Through the year, and my main goal being to post at least once a month has been incredibly positive, so here’s to the next year! This past year has been challenging both professionally and personally, but I’m here to keep documenting my journey.


Wedding at Millennium Park

One of my goals for the coming year is to increase my posts to twice a month and try to get back to posting at least 1 life post, and 1 millennial specific post a month. I’ll do my best to come up with some original content like my very popular Leaders Vs. Bosses post, but those are not always the easiest to dream up. I will try to cover Millennial news more often and just give my thoughts on things that come across my feeds through twitter and other news sources.

So how about a life update? This past month has been crazy busy! Just this past weekend was an awesome experience alone that I should mention. Two of my good friends got legally married in Chicago. They have been great role models and friends to Steven and I, so we were so thankful to be a part of their special day. We got to visit the Art Institute of Chicago, the Lincoln Park Zoo, have some Chicago style hot dogs and chicago deep dish pizza, as well as sitting next to Brittany Snow (an actress from one of my current favorite movies Pitch Perfect!). It was such a great weekend!

She also tweeted Steven back when he sent a tweet about the experience:


Not only that, I was recently reached out to, and met with a local franchise owner about some side work with SharePoint. This opportunity excites me so I can do a bit of work outside my current employer and put my skills to use. Besides this opportunity, I’m collaborating and helping organize a Louisville SharePoint User Group here in town with my friend Patrick Tucker who is a SharePoint professional in town.

Work is going well, as I was recently installed as a business lead for an enterprise project at work. This is stretching and challenging me as a consultant and having to learn new things. It’s exciting to be involved and do some other type of work beyond my normal SharePoint, Web Design, jack of all trades work I’ve been doing for so long. Who knows where this will lead!

The last major thing going on in life is wedding planning. So much to do! And with everything else, it seems overwhelming, but I’m having so much fun doing it. I just need to stay on task and keep the ball rolling. It’s one of the most important and most likely to get ignored and I have to make sure Steven and I keep up with all that needs done.

Thank you everyone for reading this blog, commenting, and sending me recommendations. If you have some ideas for future posts, please reach out to me through Facebook or Twitter.


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