Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!?


Seriously, it’s already a day from Valentine’s Day. We’re over a month past my 29th birthday and I’m already that much closer to 30. Not that I’m complaining… much. I know time has started speeding up like a rock rolling down hill, but how do I slow it? I feel like I’m going to blink and tomorrow 5 years will have passed (which 5 years doesn’t scare me much, that would hopefully be around the time all my pesky student loans would be gone).

Anyways, here’s some life news, as many of y’all know, I’m engaged. Boo-thing and I are hopefully going to be working on getting serious about wedding planning soon. And I think that’s adding to the stress. We currently can’t get married at our church (long story I hope to tell someday, but we’re still hopeful it could happen), but we are starting to work on some of the details.

We’re holding off a little longer for a date (plan to have one picked by this summer at the latest), but we have hopes that we’ll be planning it sometime next spring. We’ve began formalizing a guest list and that caused us to realize how money will be the biggest restraint. We both have a lot of ideas, but I think we’ll be able to pull it off together and have it be as fabulous as we expect.


In other news in life, Steven and I will be traveling to Las Vegas at the end of the month which is a bit exciting. I’m traveling to go to a work conference (MS SharePoint Conference) and he’s tagging along. It’ll be his 25th birthday that week as well, so we’ll be milking that as much as we can. Look forward to sharing some of that trip with a future blog post. We’ll be there for a full 7 days, so it should be plenty of time to relax, sit by a pool, and have a fun weekend leading up to the conference. Either way, I’ll be geeking out with that for a week and spending my nights with Steven doing whatever we want!

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